Deconstruction of early 1900's cabin in Shaver, CA.  Lumber grown, felled, and milled in Shaver, CA.



While employed by a local developer, our founder, Tim Schulz witnessed a large amount of waste on jobsites despite valid efforts to limit waste.  Whether it was during new construction, adaptive reuse projects or demolition, good materials were being discarded.  Tim began diverting the “waste” to his own backyard and utilizing the reclaimed materials in his shop to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Primarily salvaging architectural elements and materials from local and historic sites has allowed us to actively preserve a piece of our community's fabric. Our most extensive project to date was the reclamation of the bowling lanes from California's iconic Cedar Lanes Bowling Alley before it’s demolition in May of 2013.  The total tonnage diverted from the landfill was approximately forty-eight tons. 

We often work with the City of Fresno's Historic Preservation Commission to reclaim salvageable material from historic sites that are deemed beyond repair and scheduled for demolition.

Tim’s passion is to reclaim and redeem what has been regarded as trash and reveal the hidden beauty. 

Please visit our gallery to see what we've been up to.  We hope to inspire your creativity.